Friday, 7 May 2010

let's do this thing YEAHHH

I jumped out of a plane. And fell through the sky and it totally felt as though I could fly but it was only because the instructor and I pulled the parachute cord so that we didnt crash and DIE.

HOW MUCH FUNNNNN! Oh wowzers, so I did the skydive yesterday morning over Mt Cook. Beautiful views and a lovely sunny day. Perfectamundo. I remember not being able to breathe but not caring because it was such a freeking amazing sensation! You freefall for around 45 seconds which actually feels like 10 and then you glide down with the parachute for about 4 minutes but even that goes fast. It was pretty windy and the guy who was meant to be filming and taking videos kinda got blown in the other direction so I'm not entirely optimistic that my film is gunna be much good :( The dvd and photos are being sent back home so I won't get to see them for ages which is lame. I stopped at some gauge thats in LOTR today, the water was incredible. It was so turquoise I honestly didn't think you could get water that colour. I didn't have my camera on me - GUTTED. Another thing thats waste is that Enno left wednesday morning. He was hilarious and his replacement is some German girl who is sooo rude, oooo I could just poke her in the eye! Enno's in Hamner and wants me to go meet him in there so we can work together for accomodation for a bit, so I might do that in a couple of weeks. The German girl is getting on my nerves so much that I'm leaving tomorrow morning for Queenstown lol. Think I'll do Milford, Lake Wanaka and Franz Josef before I go to Hamner...maaaybe. I am not allowing myself to leave my hostel today until I have made some sort of rough's so expensive here money is disappearing at the speed of light :( gotta make sure I have enough dollar for all the cool stuff there is to do in QT. I need to do laundry today too...urgh. I hate doing sensible, serious decision making stuff and boring things soooo I'm being the eternal procastinator that I am and writing this instead. I had my first experience of a NZ supermarket last night AMAZING!! Me and Sato went on the free shuttle bus and then we kinda got carried away in there...PAK N SAVE FO LYFE YO! Anyway to cut a long story short, the shuttles stopped running and we had to walk back, my bag of apples split half way home and the whole thing was pretty much a hilarious disaster as per usuaaaaaaaaaaal. Election fever back in the UK seems pretty exciting, bummed that I'm missing it, I'm such a nerd. Um, German bitch just came in and stole some of Sato's food? What do I do...I'm gunna go sabotage some of her stuff!!! TAKE IT EASY, STAY BREEZY UK xxx

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