Wednesday, 9 June 2010

fiji tiiiiiiiiiiime!!

My time in NZ is over :( BOOOOOOO!! But it's my birthday (yay!) and yesterday I got an upgrade for my room which was soooo very nice and I'm just waiting for my shuttle to the airport so I can go chillax for a week in FIJI! I'm staying at the octopus it and get jealous :) Pictures, blogs and more interesting posts will come when I'm home...which is only 8 days away. GAY! Peace out NZ xxx

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izzbuzzz said...

happy birthdaaaayyyy i love you and will hopefully see you at the airport in 9days ♥ have the most amazing time, don't get more tanned than me though! love yoooouuuu wooop 19 was a siiick year xxxxxxxxx